Our Sponsors!

These fine enterprises are big contributors to make our amazing soccer program a reality.

For example, our youth academy for kids U4-U9 is one of the most affordable, effective and fun programs around. Our players continue to enjoy some the lowest fees, if not the lowest, in Idaho and in the country. U4-U9 players pay only $40-$55 per season, and the club also provides them with top of the class uniforms at no charge thanks to our loaner program. This is possible because of our current sponsors!

We get a lot of comments about the depth we offer given our low fee structure. Our competitive program fees are also one of the lowest in the area. Here is a table that shows a comparison between the competitive fees Real charges players vs other clubs so you can see our commitment to make this wonderful sport affordable for all kids. (once you click on the link, please go to the end of this link).

Would you like to explore sponsoring our club?

Please go to our Sponsors page to download a sponsorship package and learn more or call the club at 208-713-8924 to get started!

Thank so much to all our sponsors and partners!

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