Managers At Tryouts

These are at a glance the duties of a “Player Check-in Table” Manager during tryouts, duties which are covered in our tryouts meeting hold a week or two before tryouts.

6 bullet points

(1) Please arrive at your field 30 minutes before the tryouts start time. Kids will start showing up 20 minutes before the beginning of the event. A field map for each tryout site will be available to each manager to know where to set your station. If you have a Real SC jersey, whether it is a coach’s jersey, polo, training shirt, or game jersey from one of your kids that fits you, please wear it! If not, the club will try to make one available to you.

(2) Please bring a portable tabletape (for the table identifier included in the manager’s binder), and a couple of pens.

(3) If you do not have one yet, your coaches or a tryout manager will bring your Manager Binder containing, (A) An age bracket identifier for your table, (B) player check-in sheets and (C) copies of the Parent Tryout Handout.
Your coach will also bring numbered pinnies. You will give one to each of the players in your age bracket. You will reflect the pinnie’s number and color in the check-in sheets.
Note: Please give a “Parent Tryout Handout” to each participant. This handout has very important info all parents need to know. If you missed the meeting, a tryout manager for your site will bring copies.

(4) The tryout manager for each site will gather all players, parents and coaches at the beginning of tryouts to greet them, briefly discuss tryouts & direct players to their corresponding field with their coaches.

(5) Please give completed player Check-in Sheets to your coach towards the beginning of tryouts. Take a pic of it to have a back up copy.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  the contact phone #, email address, and waiver signature columns do not need to be filled out BY CURRENT players. However it is indispensable NEW club players fill out those columns so we can get a hold of them. If contact info is illegible, we can’t remind them to sign up.

(6) Reroute any kids arriving late to your field and coach with a numbered pinnie so coach can write their name/pinnie number/color in the check-in sheets, which he or she have now.

That’s all! Thanks so much to all volunteers for their time and for their generosity!

Vamos! 1, 2 y 3, Real!