Real Boise CF U15 Boys Wins US Club Regionals!

Historical victory of our U15 boys in Seattle. They bring our club’s first Regional Championship Trophy home!

See Tournament’s Full Results

U15 boys US Club Regional Champions in Seattle

The Regional Champions Team Members:

Upper Row (Left to Right): Kent Barr, Kevin Solis, Sean, Egoitz Markinez, Xabier Galdeano, Jaeden Stevens, Juanjo Carmona de Ville, and Juanjo Carmona.

Lower Row (Left to Right): Robert Langley, Aitor Guisasola, Iker BilbaoAustin Kincaid, Edwin Perez, Marcos Jimeno, Sam, Tyler Barr, Iñigo Extremiana.

The Danok Bat Boys with the Real Boise CF U15 during the 2011 US Club Regional Championship

 The 6 big stars from Bilbao’s Danok Bat club after winning it all with Real Boise CF U15 in Seattle!

From left to right: Aitor Guisasola, Marcos Jimeno, Iker Bilbao, Xabier Galdeano, Egoitz Markinez, and Iñigo Extremiana

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