Goal Keeping

The club provides specific goal keeping practices during Fall and Spring seasons (most weeks). Training is open to all club goal keepers.

These specific goal keeping practices are in addition to the work the head coaches and assistant coaches do with the goal keepers in the regular team training sessions.

  • Training Topics include the 10 guiding principles of Goalkeeping:

Hand work, Body shape, ever-ready consideration, staying on your feet, secondary cover, set consideration, reaction factor, recovery, decision/communication and organization, and first attacker.

Also, other concepts will be trained:

Near Post considerations, Penalties, Cross Ball situations, Defending at set plays, Back pass rule.

Besides our specialized GK training, our head coaches will be familiar with the typical technical and tactical breakdowns to discuss on daily practices.

  • Attendance to these sessions does not imply players will be placed in goal during games. We believe getting trained as a goalkeeper will make our players more insightful in other positions. Also, players who want to get extra shooting training are encouraged to attend.
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