Sports Nutrition

Joyce Hunter works with our teams and players on nutrition applied to soccer.

Joyce is a Nutritional consultant, an ACSM  Personal Certified Trainer, and a Boise State University adjunct professor. She has been involved on fitness, health and nutrition for many years and currently is a nutritional consultant for two holistic doctors in the area. She is actively involved in sports and has played collegiate basketball at the University of Utah.
Joyce is working with our club to create a Sport Nutrition Program for our club teams, which also reflects guidelines for proper nutrition before games, in between games, and after games as well as considerations on proper nutrition on tournament trips and on an athlete’s life in general.

Joyce works directly with players on short segments during practices and games, sends periodic newsletter to the Real Soccer Club Families and attends monthly coaches meetings periodically to work and guide our technical staff.

Joyce_W_Hunter brief bio

– Here are some practical teachings from Joyce:

Eating and Drinking before Practice Day

Healthy Snacks for Competition

Healthy Eating While Traveling

Hydration for Soccer

Early and Late Games Nutrition

GMO Shopping Guide handout

The Full List – Most Pesticide-Free Produce

In the list in the link above, the first 12 foods rank as the most pesticide-free produce, even when conventionally-grown.

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