Note: If you can’t attend tryouts in June, but still want to play competitive soccer, please call us or text us at 208-713-8924 and we will set up an assessment for your kid(s)! We do assessments year around!

This document provides complete details about transitioning to our competitive program! But here below, you can find a summary of the most important differences between Academy/REC and competitive!

  • Coaches – In competitive soccer, coaches are licensed (or in the process of getting licensed) and are paid by the club and have additional benefits like coaches development tuitions covered.
  • Player Development – Coaches are required to have a coaching license. The process of earning licenses includes specialized training for player development. This typically results in more structured and focused team training than recreational soccer.
  • Playing Format – The U9-U10 (7v7 format) and U11-U12 (9v9 format) years are very critical in the development of a soccer player. Players who decide to play rec soccer or skip a year will have a hard time to catch up and succeed in a more advanced environments later, specially when teams start playing the 11v11 format (U13-U19). It is critical players get age appropriate training with licensed coaches and train with good players and play against good opposition after they complete the academy years at Real SC.
  • Tryouts – Competitive soccer is a “cut” sport. Players are not guaranteed a place on a team. In recreational (Rec) soccer, there are no cuts.
  • Competition – In Rec soccer you play other Rec teams, usually within your club. In competitive soccer, you will play other competitive clubs.
  • Length of season – In Rec soccer there is sign-up for each individual season (Fall and Spring). In competitive soccer, the team stays together for a full year, with activities in the Fall, Winter (optional, decided at the team level), and Spring.
  • Fees – You have enjoyed the lowest fees in the USA at our Academy Program (Rec). If you look at the different clubs in the area and in the country, you will realize Competitive Program fees are considerable higher than those in a Rec program. The good news is that our competitive program Player’s fees are some of the lowest in these area! So you have an idea what are the types associated to competitive soccer we have divided the expenses in different categories:

Team fees are the costs associated with participating in various leagues/events.  These costs include but are not limited to IYSA player/coaches fees, league entry fees, player cards, referee fees (if applicable), field usage and related items.

Club fees cover coaches development, staff pay, head coaches pay, coaches development, guest pro coaches and directors’ pay, professional equipment, coaches apparel, marketing, advertisement, social events, po box, web platform, registration software, merchant fees and some administration cost.

       Note: The uniforms are separate and paid directly on our online store when you buy the required competitive kit. Other events decided at the team level (tournaments, indoor soccer, camps) are also separate and optional.

Check our tryouts page here!