Youth Academy Overview (U4-U9)







Real U7 Pool Coaches, Fall 2016


All U4-U9 (born 2009-2014) players are accepted into the youth academy program.

REGISTER HERE FOR SPRING 2018 (Youth Academy Players U4-U9 only)

See Age Chart


Youth Academy Fees can be found right below.

FALL 2017

U4-U9: $25/season (everything included except socks!)


U4-U9: $25/season (everything included except socks!)

NOTE: REGISTRATION AFTER AUG 1st (For Fall) and MARCH 1st (For Spring), incurs a $20 late fee.


Real Boise CF U7 Big Bang



Fall 2017Games start on Saturday, Sep 16th, 2017 and end on Saturday, Oct 28th, 2017 (6 league games and 2-3 mini games in the last weekend which is a Jamboree!).

Spring 2018 – Games start on Saturday, April 7th, 2018 and end on May 19th, 2018 (7 or 8 games. Includes a Jamboree!).

League Game Schedule will be published about  one week before league games start. Games will be on Saturdays. Teams play in the Open Youth League (by the Idaho Football Federation).


Fall 2017 – Practices start on Monday, Aug 21st, 2017 in both Middleton and Boise.

Spring 2018 – Practices start on Monday, March 12th, 2018 in both Middleton and Boise.  NOTE: Practices during Spring break are optional.

What to bring to practice:

Sports shirt and shorts, soccer socks covering shinguards, and cleats. Also please bring water and an inflated size 3 ball for U5 and U7 players or size 4 ball for U9 players. (see age chart here if unsure).


Team Rosters will be announced at the end of the second week of practices.



Coleman Home Fields @ 12355 Willis Road, Middleton

Days: Mondays and Thursdays


5:45- 6:30 : Players born on 2013-2014 (U4-U5)

5:45-7:00 :

Players born on 2011-2012 (U6-U7) &

Players born on 2009-2010 (U8-U9).

BOISE (Two Locations):

West Boise/Meridian: Joplin Elementary School Soccer Fields

South Boise: Dessert Sage Elementary

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays


5:45- 6:30 : Players born on 2013-2014 (U4-U5)

5:45-7:00 :

Players born on 2011-2012 (U6-U7) &

Players born on 2009-2010 (U8-U9).










The Real Soccer Club believes in giving the most meaningful training environment to their players using age appropriate methodologies. Player is at the center. The training philosophy in our youth academy is to emphasize technique, vision & awareness, individual & small sided tactical insight (principles of play), creativity, improvisation, coordination, socialization, and sportsmanship. U4-U9 Academy team coaches are guided by a professional Director of Coaching. Sound players who love the game, stay healthy, and perform their best are better prepared to potentially move to a more competitive environment starting at U10. To develop elegant , technical players is key to our success as a club.

Exposing young players to top notch fun training environments accelerates improvement of technical skills and the comprehension of dynamic soccer and the love for our sport. In this sense, our U7, U8 and U9 academy players are eligible every year to participate in our International Summer Camp hosted in Middleton by our Top Flight “Serie A” Italian Pro Club AC Chievo Verona partner and its academy coaches from Verona, Italy.

Real Boise CF U8G Whale Sharks



Youth Academy Coaches are a group of nationally licensed coaches as well as volunteer parents, who will be guided by our Youth Academy Director of Coaching. During the season, Youth Academy team coaches will have the opportunity to attend the club’s coaches clinics (these clinics are local and free) directed by our Youth Academy Director. These clinics will impact the way coaches train and how their teams develop.

These clinics take place during regular practice hours, once a week so an extra commitment is not required by our coaches. For every coaches’ clinic, the director will work with all academy pool players in the same session and he/she will be assisted by the team coaches.


Coaches will be asked to complete a short online youth coaching training course (free) before the beginning of their second season in the academy. U4-U9 coaches will complete the “U6-U8 Youth Coaching Module” and the U9 coaches can optionally complete the “U10-U12 Youth Coaching Module.”  Create an account and start your online course here when ready.

There are other short online courses you can take if you are interested. Go to

and in the “State Association” box select Idaho. You will see several courses you can take for free.

Note: All coaches need to complete a short concussion course before they can coach. This is a state wide Idaho Youth Soccer Association requirement. Learn more here. 

2.3 USSF “F” LICENSE (2 hour online course)

Opportunities to get an entry level soccer coaching license are also available for those interested youth academy coaches and the fees are paid by our club. The club will ask coaches returning a second year with the Real Soccer academy to take  the National USSF “F” License, a 2 hour ONLINE course (again, our club pays for this course).

The focus of this grassroots course is to share U.S. Soccer’s best practices in creating a fun, activity-centered and age-appropriate environment for 5-8 year old players. The “F” license course is open to all applicants at least 16 years of age.  The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. However, candidates can stop, rewind, or restart the webinars as often as needed. After registering for the course, candidates are granted access to the course content for 12 months. The course may be successfully completed at any time during this period. Read more about this course here: The National USSF “F” License.


Coaches are encouraged to attend the short weekly coaches meeting with the Academy DOC after one of their practices. Coaches will have an opportunity to socialize, to learn about coaching methodologies that can be incorporated into their practices right away, and to discuss important topics that affect their teams and our academy.

2015-10-31 12.08.30

Youth Academy Coaches During Fall 2015 Jamboree


At the Youth Academy Level, teams will usually practice twice a week (45-75 minutes each session, depending of the age group). For Fall, practices start towards the end of August, two or three weeks before the start of the league games (games usually start the weekend following Labor Day weekend and run for 7 consecutive weekends). In Spring, practices start towards the middle of March, two or three weeks before the start of league games (games usually start at the beginning of April). Winter training and playing futsal or indoor soccer during those months is optional for the teams.


We have two main training locations for our academy teams:


Coleman Home Fields @12355 Willis Road


West Boise/Meridian: Joplin Elementary School Soccer Fields

South Boise: Dessert Sage Elementary Fields

We may add locations depending on interest.

All games on Saturdays

Real U8 Academy team after practice! April 30, 2015

Real U8 Academy team after practice! April 30, 2015


Our Youth Academy program is one of the least expensive Youth Academies in Idaho ($25/season/player and it includes everything except the Real socks) and still it is directed by a dedicated professional Youth Academy Director, who has the support of an assistant academy director of coaching, and an academy manager in addition to multiple licensed coaches, multiple volunteer parents, a professional Club Director, and a professional Director of Coaching for competitive soccer. (See Soccer Operations Staff).

Read here more about the Fees (i.e. what kind of expenses there are in a soccer club)

For example, any player joining our program at U4 will train and play 6  years almost for free!! Any player joining our program at U6 will train and play 4 years almost for free!! These low fees are possible in part because our sponsors and bi-annual club fundraisers! Our goal is to create very aware, creative and sound technical players by the time they reach the age of 9. This is the foundation for players to love to stay in shape and practice sports for life!

Note: Players are encouraged to sign for both seasons (Fall and Spring) but they can sign for individual seasons.

  • U4, U5, U6, U7, U8 and U9 Teams 

Player Fees (Registration Fees + Club Fees) = ONLY $25/player/season !

Uniforms: Free. Loaned to players and only to be returned at the end of season if not playing that season. Just need to buy our club’s custom socks).


FALL SOCCER – REGISTRATION AFTER AUGUST 1st, incurs a $20 late fee.

SPRING SOCCER – REGISTRATION AFTER MARCH 1st , incurs a $20 late fee


Real Middleton CF U9 Modric – Fall 2016


Our high quality, professional soccer uniforms are provided for free to our youth academy players (returned at the end of the season; players just buy socks). This would not be possible without the contribution of our sponsors and without the help of our teams participating in our bi-annual club’s fundraisers.


6.1 Mechanics

Most of the youth academy league games (and at least half of the games) will be played between teams in our club in our home fields. We are also seeking partnering with other clubs with youth academies to get our players some exposure to different styles and also to get them used to the excitement of visiting other teams’ home fields.

Generally, our U4-U5teams play 3v3 format without goal keepers. U6, and U7 teams play 4v4 (without goal keepers), which is the direction the country is going to for U8: See the United States Soccer Federation release Player Development Initiatives – Approved 07 05 2015

U8-U9 teams will play 5v5. Eventually we are moving U9 teams to 7v7  (both formats include goalkeepers).

6.2 Age Chart 

USSF mandated that by 2017 all registrations are done by the birth year instead of using the current Aug 1 to July 31st system. They also encouraged this to be adopted as best practice by Fall 2016.

To get ahead of the game, our club moved our youth academy to that system starting Fall 2015 and formed our teams by birth year. Two age groups were combined when needed.

To calculate your age bracket for 2017-2018, subtract the year when the soccer year ends, 2018, from the player’s birth date year. Therefore:

Players born in 2014 will be considered U4

Players born in 2013 will be considered  U5

Players born in 2012  will be considered  U6

Players born in 2011 will be considered  U7

Players born in 2010 will be considered  U8

Players born in 2009 will be considered  U9

Camps & Clinics

Real Boise CF U8G Whale Sharks

Real Boise CF U8G Whale Sharks – Spr 2014 Undefeated at Home and Having Lots of Fun all season!

 Real Boise CF U6 Manta Rays

Real Boise CF U6C Manta Rays – Spr 2014 A Goal Scoring Machine!

Real Boise CF U8 Whale Sharks - Indoor Champion March 1, 2014

Real Boise CF U8 Whale Sharks – Indoor League Champions at BIS, March 1, 2014

Ciach Angel and Zach with team - 468585_10150803721453155_1111621649_o

Coach Angel Benito and Coach Zach Bingo with Real U8 team

Coach Pete Rossi with a Real indoor team – finalists of an IISA indoor tournament, Dec 2010

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  1. Hello im interested in enrolling my child in a soccer team. He is 3 years old, I would like to know If there are any programs available due to his age.
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