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Our club’s first priority is the safety of our players, families, friends and fans in general.


Please remember that irregardless of the weather you are seeing/experiencing before a practice or a game, families are asked to show up for the event unless you get a communication from the club, your head coach or team manager.

In our experience in this area, the presence of bad weather one hour or even half an hour before practice, it is not in general an indication of what we will happen when the practice starts.

Only under extreme weather conditions (see below), the coaches will cancel or delay a practice but unless you hear otherwise from the club (or your coach/team manager) before practice, they will call it at the spot, so please show up. (Parents know their kids best so they can make their own decisions and for academy age players, they could pull out kids from practice/games but please let your coach know.)

This cancellation philosophy is also true for league games where referees (competitive games) or coaches (youth academy games) make a decision on the spot. Please consider, some teams are traveling and it would not be fun for them to show up and find a decimated opponent or a “no show” just because some light rain, for example.


If raining has been consistent for the last 24 hours+ and fields are in conditions not suitable for the practice of soccer, the club will communicate it ahead of the event. Your coach or team manager should also send a message or call to reemphasize the club’s decision.

The lightning policy is that if we see lightning, we temporary suspend the practice/game for 30 minutes. (Everybody should find shelter or be inside a vehicle). The practice/game will restart 30 minutes later, if not lightning was seen. This procedure is repeated until the wait is longer than 1 hour. At that time game/practice is cancelled. It is up to the coaches to find a date to reschedule.

For shorter practices like those in the academy ages (U4-U9), coaches also must use their judgment to abandon practice/game if lightning is seen a second time within the first 30 minutes waiting period

IFF Open Youth League (Teams Playing in academy): In the event of lightning prior to or during the game, the game will be stopped immediately and will be delayed for 30 minutes. Should more lightning occur within that 30 minute delay then the game will be abandoned. Please see Open Youth League rules here.

For rain/snow/wind, coaches should used their judgement to decide when to cancel or shorten the game or practice.

For air quality issues, the club or your coach/team manager will send a note in advance of any cancellation.


Please have all players wearing appropriate clothing for each type of weather. A player who is cold, decreases his/her enjoyment in the activity.