Competitive Program Teams Shock the Valley Again

What a sensational season for our club both academy (U4-U9) and competitive (U10-U19) teams.  Our 16 academy teams ended the season on May 21st with a jamboree where players participated in multiple mini matches, played in bouncing houses, had fun on a shooting game and got a well deserved award.

Our competitive program teams really shocked the valley. Their performance was truly magisterial and if last year they set the bar very high (70% undefeated record), this 2016 Spring season they surpassed it with a 77.50% (52-10-18) record, with 1 champion team, 5 teams second place and 3 teams third place. Results speak by themselves. See below. Congratulation to all players, coaches, staff and supporting families and friends! See you at tryouts on June 6th and 7th! 2016-17 TRYOUTS INFO

U11 Boys:

Real Middleton CF Juventus Ends Second.

Coach Gerardo’s teams ended second in the District 3 League, South Division, with a record of 6-2-1 ahead of 2 FC Nova teams, 2 Boise National teams and 1 Idaho Rush team among others. Coach Gerardo’s team was also the highest scoring team, both North and South divisions combined, with 40 goals scored! Only one team was able to score more goals (42) in all District 3 League age brackets combined.

See Standings. See Team Results.

U13-U14 Boys:

Real Middleton CF Athletic de Bilbao Dominates the Outback League, Ends Second.

Eric Potter’s boys ended Second in the U14 Blue division and remained undefeated until the last week of play. With a a very young team, Potter’s team ends with a 6-1-1 record.

Standings and Team Results not available.

U14 Boys:

Real Middleton CF Internazionale Ends Second.

Coach Pete Rossi’s boys end second in the District 3 League U14 boys Bracket B, just 1 point away from the championship and a record of 6-0-2. This is a great example of Real forming a new team and in the period of one year, making it a champion team!

See Standings. See Team Results.

U16 Boys:

Real Middleton CF AC Milan CF Champions!

Coach René took the championship with a young team (a combination of last year’s U14 Milan and U15/16 Chievo Verona teams) in the District 3 League U16 boys Bracket B. The boys displayed total dominance in play and style with a 8-0-0 record, 35 goals scored and only 5 against (second best in the whole league including all age brackets). Our team was one of only two teams in the whole District 3 League with a perfect record. The previous Spring season, our U15 Girls Fiorentina team achieved also an impecable 8-0-0 record.

See Standings. See Team Results.

U12 Girls:

Real Middleton CF Alcorcón ends Third (same points as Second).

Impressive progression of our new U12 girls team. Untreatable in the outback league last fall and promoting to the District 3 league, this Spring season sees Teena Steele’s girls end third with a 4-0-4 record, and same points as the number 2 team.

See Standings. See Team Results.

U13/U14 Girls:

Real Middleton CF Madrid ends Third, highest scoring team.

A very young team lead by Coach Martin Rodriguez’s team, mainly made by U13 players, ended just one point short from championship with  a 5-2-2 record and 29 goals scored, which was the highest amount of goals scored accounting both A and B brackets! Third overall in the District 3 League Bracket B.

See Standings. See Team Results.

U14 Girls:

Real Middleton CF Roma ends Second, tied with first.

Another of Martin’s Rodriguez’s team, the U14 Girls Roma team had a historical season. Roma ended with a 6-0-3 record, 23 goals scored and only 8 against, and tied on first place with Boise Nationals in the District 3 League Bracket “B”.

See Standings. See Team Results.

U15 Girls:

Real Middleton CF Fiorentina, looses first game in two years!

Rorque Wood’s team was 1 game short of achieving the undefeated status from Spring 2015 (8-0-0), loosing only 1 game this Spring (1-4-1), the only one in two years.In addition, several current or former players of this Real Middleton team played or contributed regularly in their sisters’s team Villarreal and Sevilla.

See Standings. See Team Results.

Real Boise CF Heat Villarreal ends Second, least goals conceded.

Only two points away from championship (but one less game than the champion team), Jackson’s U15G team achieved a 5-1-1 record and was the team allowing the least goals in the District 3 Bracket B. Most of these team’s players together with the Sevilla team (see below) won the Canyon Rim Classic at the beginning of May and will compete in State Cup on May 27-May 30.

See Standings. See Team Results.

U16 Girls:

Real Boise CF Heat Sevilla, Ends Third

Pending the IYSA U16G standings page update, the young Sevilla team (all players were U15s except two) played up in the top U16 division and ended third with a record of 4-0-3 (possibly 5-0-3 pending a forfeit request). Most of these team’s players, together with the Villarreal team (see above), were in the team which won the Canyon Rim Classic at the beginning of May and will compete in State Cup on May 27-May 30. See State Cup U15 Bracket where Sevilla will compete.

See Standings. See Team Results.



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