Real Boise CF Sevilla 2011-12 Boys Win Futsal!

Above: Real Boise CF Sevilla – Idaho Futsal League U10 Champion (Silver Division) (Autumn 2020)

Our Real Boise CF Sevilla U10B team secured their Autumn 2020 Idaho Futsal league title on Dec 18, 2020 with a win over Real Middleton CF Atalanta U10G on a last second goal on regulation.

Coach Brent Carver (also assistant coach for our Real Middleton CF U14 boys) said: “This Real U10 Boise team greatly improved throughout the season. Although we were introduced to new rules and concepts, our commitment to practices and continuous improvement showed. Despite at times being outsized and a younger bunch, our team chemistry increased leading us to win our final 3 games and the silver bracket.

Previous the final game, team Sevilla also defeated Real Middleton CF Napoli U10B on an exciting penalty kick series.

Futsal is an awesome activity and will only help prepare us to be better outdoor soccer players and teammates for the long haul. We had a blast! Go Real! coach Carver concluded.

Congrats to all Real Boise U10 players and staff!

Vamos! Uno, dos y tres, Real!


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