Real CF U14G Heat Ranked #1 in the State

Report by Coach John Jackson, Real CF U14G Heat


Wonderful news!!!  Our very own Real Team Heat has been ranked as the #1 U14 Girls team in Idaho by GotSoccer .

See Real CF Heat (GotSoccer State Ranking).

GotSoccer Rankings awards points based on which teams we defeat and on their national points total.
They are only able to award points for a specific game accomplishment (beating a higher ranked team or a state champion for example) if the event is using their software.

GotSoccer needs the complete set of schedules and scores as well as complete verification of the teams that participated.
Events using their software store this data in our system and it feeds directly into the rankings.  GotSoccer is unable to manually enter this for events not using our software.

Most (vast majority) of competitive youth teams in the USA are registered in GotSoccer.  Now, with all that said, this is a subjective ranking and we has a team and organization still have a tremendous amount of work ahead.  This ranking will mean nothing if we do not place at this year’s State Cup.

But…. let me say that this is a “tremendous”  honor and accomplishment that YOU the players as well as the entire club can be justifiably proud of.  This ranking was based on the team’s many accomplishments this past fall.  So, with that in mind, the players can say that they are #1, which they have ALWAYS been in the hearts of their devoted and committed coaches.  Like we have told these incredibility talented young players, we BELIEVE IN THEM!

Congratulations ladies, you continue to amaze and inspire your coaches, parents and all those who watch you play the most the most beautiful game in the world…hard work, dedication, and commitment to one another pays off!

Remember that this is only the beginning, you must stay committed, focused and keeping your eyes on the prize…2015 Idaho State Cup U14 Champions…Your coach is extremely proud of you all!!!

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort and sacrifice

to become the best of which YOU are capable”


To read more about these rankings, visit the web-site below:



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