2018 AC ChievoVerona Selections for National Camp!

23 players (9 from Real SC !) were selected during our past AC ChievoVerona Summer camp (June 26-29, 2018, Middleton, ID) to attend the ChievoVerona National Camp, Aug 2-5, in Casagrande, Arizona! In addition, 8 more players were selected to work with FC Porto, Malaga CF and Watford FC in Rome, GA (International Camp) at the end of July (see below). Congrats to you all and the rest of the campers for a sensational camp!


Capture Picks for 2018 National Camp, Casagrande, AZ

We will keep you updated on how players do in Arizona!! We know these players are capable to standout and be selected to the 8 days Elite Trip to Verona, Italy next Spring to train at the Chievo academy at the Bottagisio Sport Center and get integrated with the actual academy teams!

Some of these players could also receive invitations to live and play in Italy at the Chievo’s academy! Last year 3 of the players in the Middleton, Idaho camp achieved this incredible milestone in their soccer careers: Jake Duncan, Julian Ramirez and Antonio Rossi! These are Real Soccer Club players! Here is an article about one of them!

Capture Article about Julian in Verona

In addition the following players were selected for the European International Camp in Rome, Georgia, (July 28-31, 2018) where they will be training with academy coaches from Portugal giant FC Porto, Spain Malaga CF and EPL Watford FC! These players will also have a chance to be selected for an international Elite Trip to take place next Spring. Congratulations!

Capture Picks for 2018 InterNational Camp, Rome, GA

Finally, for those players who did no make the selections, keep working hard and never give up! Now you have an idea what this Pro Italian club is looking for! With enough work individually and at your team level throughout the year and knowing the expectations and the way these coaches train, you can be the next selected! Chievo Academy coaches will be back next year!

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