Real Middleton 2011 Girls, ISL Champions

After a year of hard work and dedication including two seasons of futsal in the winter, our Real Middleton CF Atalanta team (2011-2012 girls) had an almost perfect record and finished first on the second division of the IYSA league! IYSA labeled the Spring 2021 season as friendly games.

This is what Head Coach Shelley Lancaster said to summarize magnificent the soccer year:

“The U10 ReAl Atalanta soccer team had a great year and worked diligently to improve their individual and team skills. The fall 2020 season was a great challenge for these girls to work with a very small team and play many games with no subs and they rose to the challenge and worked hard. They participated in indoor futsal during the winter months and were able to continue to improve and we were able to slowly add some players who were a great asset to our team. The spring 2021 season went very well as these girls gained a greater understanding of the game and were able to build teamwork and achieve success. These girls worked hard at practices and supported one another to gain a league win and find great joy in playing the game. Coaching these girls is an enjoyable adventure and although we work hard we also have a lot of fun.”

Congrats coach Shelly Lancaster and all the amazing components of the team!

Vamos Real!

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