Real SC Buys Idaho 2009 Olympic Rink

On June 17, 2021, our club purchased the rink used for field hockey in the 2009 Idaho Special Olympics hoping we could find some land to develop or find a City Park system interested in installing it so it could be used for indoor soccer or futsal (indoors or outdoors). What is Futsal?

We would like to put this rink to use as soon as possible rather than to have it in storage so our kids and the community can enjoy it.

This is how the multisport rink looks like.

The field’s dimension is 90 feet x 33 feet.

So in short, we have been unsuccesful to find a place for the rink after conversations with the City of Middleton, Meridian Parks & Rec and several land owners. We are not giving up though and we will continue reaching out.

One idea is that one of you reading has some land, or know someone who has some land, that can be used by the club to install this rink for soccer or other sport activities.

A second idea is to donate it to some individual or an entity that can put it to use for the community and having some sort of arrangement with our club so we could use it periodically. Maybe you have some ideas to this respect?

I am sure there will also be some questions so please feel free to reach us at

Vamos Real!

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