Real Boise CF Whale Sharks U8 team wins indoor league


In the last game of the season on March 1st 2014, everything turned awesome for the Real Boise Whale Sharks. They needed a win and that, at the same time, the team leading the standings  until game 7, would not have a good day in their game. It happened. The Whale Sharks played a close game and only in the 10 last minutes secured the result they needed by handily scoring 5 goals straight! 11-5

The Real Boise squad, which started the season with a few looses, started displaying terrific skills, good combination play and quick recovery of the ball when they lost it. As the season progressed, they became a very tough team to beat. Scoring 48 goals, the highest, you can tell how much fun these special huge sharks had! Their attitude, skills, and hard work paid off! Congrats all!


Team Name W L T GF GA P
SCOOBY DOO CU8 3 4 1 43 50 69
CHARGERS U8 3 4 1 40 47 63
SOCCER XPRESS U7/U8 1 7 0 21 76 31
BRADY BUNCH CU8 0 8 0 18 85 12

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