Free Speed Clinic for Real Players on Oct 9. 2015

On Friday Oct 9th, the club will conduct a straight ahead speed clinic geared to Real Soccer Club players born on 2005 and older.
An agility module will follow in early 2016.
This clinic is free but players need to register in the link provided below. After the clinic, the players will participate in some soccer specific activities to improve their speed of play.


DATE: FRIDAY, OCT 9TH , 5:15-7:15 PM

The ability to run faster and make quicker cuts can be improved. In fact, a player’s straight ahead speed and agility can be improved with minimal work by targeting the muscles and joints specifically involved in these actions. Interested players will learn to work on a variety of specialized strength and flexibility exercises (using elastic tubing) that are specific to running (for cutting, we will have a separate clinic in early 2016). As a positive side effect, the jumping and kicking ability will also be improved using this program since many of the muscles and joints involved are the same.
After the initial segment, players will work on speed of play activities, to improve vision and speed of information processing.


Players born between 2003 and 2005 need a parent attending. This is a very technical clinic that uses active cords (elastic tubing) and technical vocabulary. Parents of younger kids are also welcome to attend.
This clinic will be directed by DOC and Youth Academy Director Juanjo Carmona. 
There is nothing specific players need to bring. Just attend like if you would come to practice and with an inflated soccer ball.

Contact Juanjo Carmona @ if you have any questions!

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