Real SC Launches YouTube Channel & Home Individual Training Program


Real SC has just launched its new YouTube Channel!

We will initially be focusing on publishing videos pertaining our HOME individual player training program.

The first video is on basic juggling:

The rest of the videos can be accessed  in our “individual training program” page  or in our YouTube Channel.

Some of the topics are:

– advanced juggling and tricks
– dribbling, passing and receiving
– development of speed of play (awareness, information processing and technical execution)
– speed/agility improvement via technical- strength using active bands (elastic tubing)
– shooting

Note: when you subscribe to our YouTube channel, tic on the bell and you will automatically get any notifications when we release a new video.

Please SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE channel so you can get notifications when a new video is uploaded! You will see the SUBSCRIBE button once you are watching any of our videos
FYI, when you watch any video in YouTube (phone or computer), at the bottom of it, there is usually a description.
We will generally have a description that adds info to the videos themselves, which will help players take fully advantage of the content.
Let’s beat the coronavirus and be as ready as possible for when the moment to restart our beloved sport arrives!

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