Men’s 1st Team takes Paul Scherer’s Gold!

After wins on Friday (7-0) and Saturday (2-1), our Men’s team made it to the final after beating Boise Alpha 3-2 in semifinals!

Then, our first team was scheduled to play the final against the Vikings from Utah in the afternoon at 4PM, @ Anne Morrison Park, Field 6, (Sunday, June 6th, 2021).

And our men’s team did it!! We are the champions of the Paul Sherer’s tournament. A beautiful first half put our team 2-0 ahead. A magisterial run from the center line by former Real SC Youth Player Robert Langley, who beat 3 defenders in the way to the penalty area, ended with the pass of death to assist the second goal.  One more goal in the second half set a forceful 3-0 win over the Utah Vikings! Congrats to Coach Eldin Cvrk, all players and staff for the 4-0-0 and the championship!

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